Rosso Garda – Real Estate Agency


After fifteen years of experience  and unbridled passion for this job, Aimone Rosso di San Secondo  decides to open his own  company which  brought him to unravel and explore every aspect  of   Real Estate consultancy, technical features and financial  phases for a safe and first-rate transaction.

The constant  attention on the evolution of the  real estate market allows him to understand  the  needs and requirements of his clientele and guide them  pace by pace throughout the transaction.


How we  work

We offer  reliability, trustworthiness and dependability as well as  discretion and competency.




  • Looking  for a property on the lake shores?  We have a selection of  fine properties  with the best ratio  price –quality
  • You have already found your house/apartment but need guidance and assistance by a professional?  We will follow you  from negotiation through  the  escrow ( deposito fiduciario) and final Notary act.
  • You need to buy a property that you know already but need  strict confidence?  Give us your consent for the negotiation!

Sales & rentals


  • Would you like to sell or rent your property at the best market price?
  • We offer you a realistic  appraisal based on factual data  in order to speed up  sale or lease of you property with swiftness and much satisfaction.
  • Let us include your property on our web-site and on some powerful  estate network  portals  long time tested and selected by us.
  • Your property has a window on the international market, in fact we cooperate with prime foreign agencies, reliable  and of absolute quality and  accuracy where we can  submit your property for sale or rental to their clientele